Three Years on the Road
Brett Davis

A Typical Day's Food

Breakfast - porridge, tea or coffee, a piece of fruit.

Morning tea - tea or coffee with chocolate-coated sultanas and peanuts

Lunch - Ryvita Crackerbread, peanut butter or jam, cheese, cabbage, cucumber, tomato, and occasionally sardines or boiled eggs

Afternoon tea - tea or coffee with a slice or two of fruitcake

Dinner - one of five or six standard meals - like :-
Tuna and pasta with carrots, onions and peas, or
Two Minute Noodles with boiled carrots, broccoli, onion and potato, or
Rice and lentils with carrots and peas, or
Baked Beans and Deb Instant Mashed Potato, or
Steak, onions, eggs, zucchini and tomato

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